The Boxing Match

Bill Friesen and I came up with a fascinating project, which we exhibited at CVAG, in Courtenay in 2011. It was an experiment in sequential collaboration; one of us would start a piece, take it halfway, and pass it to the other without explanation. The second person would then complete the work any way (s)he chose. The basic rule was that all pieces had to start with a box of some sort. It was a great project. No one could believe that two artists could interfere with the other's work in this manner and survive. But the interference didn't bother us, and the reward - the surprises - far outweighed any difficulties we ran into. Below are some of the final images, but to get a complete idea of the project, including the breakdown into stages for all pieces and who-did-what,  please watch the video, a link to which follows the photos. 

To view the full Boxing Match video, please click on the link below: